Oct 9, 2011

Shine a little light...

So... here I'm again! Last week was a busy week, with lots of homework and my birthday party! I'm finally 16 year old. I gave a party for my friend yesterday, I think it worked out very well. For a friend I becama a nice colour nailpolish: dark blue with a little shine, Essence Hard to Resist 76

But before I became 16 I bought myself a nice nailpolish: Essence Fateful Desire 60, it's a deep red colour and matches beautifully with golden nailpolish.
It has been so long time ago because I had another nailpolish last week, a soft purple shine lacquer: Kiko 260.
This one I started with a base coat in a nude colour. 
I think my update is now completed. Next time I'll post a nailart, that has been a long time ago.
I hope you liked it!

Good Luck 

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