Jun 27, 2012

Fashion Update

Today I'm wearing an outfit which I usually never wear
But I thought it was time for a change
I made a collage of my todays outfit
Blouse - H&M
Short- H&M
Bracelet - Babouche
Shoes - Converse All Stars
Necklace - Silver Creek
Nailpolish - Essence Ultimate Pink 08

I made a little change on my blog
I've changed my layout a little bit, probably you didn't even notice
For those who did notice, what do you think? 


Jun 22, 2012


Finally the time is there, I have vacation!
It was al tough school year, but I survived
The weather in the Netherlands isn't very nice
much rain and little sun
so I doesn't look like summer
Fortunately I go on holiday to Italy in three weeks!
I'm very excited (:

But now my new nail art
I'm inspired by Rebecca Likes Nails
She makes wonderful nail arts, which you really should see!

For this nail art I've used
- Essence - Ultimate Pink 08
- Catrice - Put Lavender On Agenda 770
- Kiko 275

I started with a base of Put Lavender On Agenda
then I lacquered my nails to one-half with Ultimate Pink
after letting it dry I made a thick line with just the brush of the nailpolish
For some extra shine I've used a top coat

Good Luck

Jun 19, 2012

Pink Is Taking Over The World!

I love the colour pink on my nails
unfortunately I don't have a lot of pink in my box with nail polishes
But the ones I do have, are lovely!

This is the famous Half Moon nailart
It's simple but nice I think.
You can combine a lot of colours
I did this nailart before, with purple and grey
(watch the post Vampire's Love vs. Kiko)

For this nailart I've used
- Essence - Enchanted Fairy 36
- NYC Platinum Card 150
- Catrice Quick Dry and High Shine (top coat)

I made the half moons with a needle
 but there are lots of better tools to make the half moons
I finished this nailart with a top coat for longer lasting

Good Luck!

Jun 5, 2012

Pimp My Shrimp 2.0

Like I said in my previous post
I will post something with my new orange color
So I made a nailart

For this nailart I've used
Catrice - Pimp My Shrimp 820
Kiko 275 (black)
NYC - Platinum Card 150
Hema Top Coat Matt

I started with Pimp My Shrimp for a colorful base
then I lacquered the half of my tips in a diagonal direction
on the dividing line I made dots with Platinum Card
And I finished with a matt top coat for some special effect

Good Luck

Jun 1, 2012

Pimp my Shrimp

It is almost the European Championship
so everybody in the Netherlands is all orange
But I didn't have a orange nailpolish!
and now I have one called Pimp My Shrimp 820 - Catrice

I think it is the most bright color I have till now
I love it and my next post will be a nailart with this beautiful color

Good Luck