Sep 27, 2012

Pastel Rainbow

Again I wanted to do something else
This time I chose a mani from which I don't know the name
or if it has a name, do you know it? 
I wanted to combine my pastel colors
I took lilac, green and yellow

I've used:
- Catrice - Put Lavender On Agenda 770
- NYC - Mint Macaroon 253
- ONLY YOU - Banana Split 113

Yellow (obviously) was my base color
I applied green and lilac with a sponge
you softly pad the sponge on your nails
I looks a little bit difficult, but it is very easy!

Good Luck

Sep 21, 2012

Take it easy

Sunday I lacquered my nails black
but on Tuesday I thought: mweeh it's boring!
So I wanted to add something simple
I took my tape an made some triangles on my nails

What I've used:
Kiko 275 (black)
NYC - Platinum Card 150
Catrice - High Shine Quick Dry top coat

The only thing you have to do 
I letting the base color dry very well
and stick the tape on the right way on your nails
That's all!

Good Luck!

Sep 14, 2012

Broadway Starlet

Last saturday I bought something from the new collection of Essence:
Colour Arts
you can mix and match your own eyeshadow, lipstick and nail polish
you only need a eye base, lip base or nail base and 
pigments, which are available in different colors.
I bought Broadway Starlet 04 

I think the photo failed because in real life it looks much better
although I really like it

What I've used:
 Essence - Make a Wish nail polish
Essence - Broadway Starlet 04 pigments
Catrice - Quick Dry & High Shine top coat

You start with dropping some pigments on a paper
You mix those pigments with a base/top coat
make sure it doesn't matter that there are pigments through your nail polish
After you mixed the pigments with the nail polish
you lacquer your nail equally 
Actually it is really simple (:

Good Luck

Sep 10, 2012

Glamours French Manicure

Last week at school I saw some really nice fake nails
They had a purple/pink french manicure with some glitters
I liked them a lot, so I tried to do it
only without the fake nails part

I've used:
Catrice - Cotton Candy At The Eiffel Tower 020
Kiko - 289 (pink)
Essence - Blair 07
Catrice - Quick Dry and High Shine Top Coat

I started with a base of Catrice - Cotton Candy At The Eiffel Tower
It is a special base coat for french manicure
then I lacquered 1/3 of my nail with Kiko 289
After letting it dry really good
 I lacquered 1/2 of my nail with Essence - Blair 
I used Catrice - Quick Dry and High Shine as extra top coat
because Blair is like a top coat too

Good Luck!

Sep 5, 2012

Like the last summer days

I made my favorite nail art again:
Panther nail art
It's very easy to make, but it always looks very nice
This time I made it with yellow, brown and gold
this colour combination made it look like a real panther

I've used:
ONLY  YOU - Banana split 113
Kiko -321 (brown)
Catrice - Goldfinger 650

I made it with my old eyeliner brush and a cotton swab
I'm very happy with the way it looks (:

Good Luck