May 28, 2012

Mench Franicure

It's almost summer and I'm enjoying life at the moment
Yesterday I went to an amazing festival, Dancetour

Because of the beautiful weather, I made a this nice french manicure.
I started with a base of Catrice - Cotton Candy At Eiffel Tower 020
The tips of my nails I lacquer bright pink with Essence - Ultimate Pink 08

Good luck

May 14, 2012


I bought a new nailpolish from a new mark I never bought before.
It's Platinum Card 150 from New York Colour.
It's a silver lacquer, I also bought a pastel green one
called Mint Macaroon from the same mark.

Because I liked the shine, I putted my Essence Blair 07 over the base colour.
I almost didn't post anything in 2 week
but school was very busy but I survived!

I booked a ticked for JOE BROOKS!!!!
I'm soooo excited it's the 29th of septembre but I can't wait!
For the people who don't know Joe Brooks, search him on youtube
He is very handsome!

Good Luck polishing your nails!

May 1, 2012

Marble 2.0

This is my second time I do marble
It's getting easier by the time, luckely!
This time I've used other colours
Last time I used green and purple, this time I used
purple, pink and lilac.

Left hand
Right hand

Lilac: Catrice - Put Lavender On Agenda 770
 Pink: Essence - Ultimate Pink 08
Purple: Essence - Vampire's Love True Love 03

In my previous marble post you can click on a link
for a really great tutorial for marble nailart.
This time I chance the order of colour every time
so my nails are all different

Good Luck