Jan 26, 2012


You all think: Glory? Why that title?
I will explain,
It's the new song of Jay-Z and it's really a beautiful song.
He wrote it for his brand new daught Ivy Blue Carter!
You HAVE to listen to this song!

Back to buisness!
I wanted to cheer up French Manicure.
So I found 2 beautiful colours and
 combine them for a colourfull French Manicure
with a shine top coat

also with a shine top coat

with a matt top coat
with a matt top coat

I've uploaded two kinds of photos
one pair with a shine top coat and another pair with a matt top coat
What I've used:
- Essence Ultimate Pink 08
- Catrice It's Rambo No. 5 670
- Hema Top Coat Matt

Good Luck

Jan 19, 2012

Marble your life

I finally took nail art to a next level for myself!
I decided to marble my nails.
Watch the result by yourself!

right hand

left hand

Best nail! (right thumb)
For this nail art I've used:
- Catrice Rambo No. 5 670
- Essence Vampire's Love True Love 03
- Catrice Quick Dry & High Shine Top Coat

I don't think you all know how to make marble nails
so I found you a nice youtube movie to show you
It's very hard to do it, I have been busy for like 3 hours!
So if you're not busy with other stuff you really have to take the time

Good Luck

Jan 17, 2012

Blue Monday

Yesterday, 16 Januar, it was blue monday.
It stands for the most depressive day of the year.
My blue monday wasn't that bad!
It was a good excuse to make a blue nail art!

For this nail art I've used:
- Essence Hard To Resist 76
- Essence Tip Painter
- Kiko 203
- Hema Diamond 11

Good Luck

Jan 16, 2012

Enchanted Fairy

Last Friday it was my school gala!
It was really amazing, dancing with my friend and party!
I had bought a new nailpolish for this night.
Essence Enchanted Fairy 36
I combined it with Catrice Quick Dry & High Shine

It is simple but very elegant!

Good Luck

Jan 6, 2012

Keep It Save. Keep It Black

It's my favourite colour
It's the most easy colour
It's the most comfortable colour
It's Black

I love the colour black, you just can match it with every other colour.
I almost always wear black.
I think black is the most gorgeous colour on your nails.
That's why I'm wearing it on my nails at the moment.

For this nailart I've used:
- Kiko 275 (black)
- Essence Blair 07

I think you all understand how to make this nailart.
Just start with a black base and finish your ring finger with a little glitter nailpolish.

Good Luck

Show your tips!

Hi everybody, here I'm again
It's time to blog!
I recently had a nice french manicure.
I'm following the blog Super Cute Super Easy
and she inspired me at the nailart.
Thanks for the inspiration ♥

What I've used:
- Catrice Cotton Candy At Eiffel Tower 020
- Kiko 203 (white)
- Essence Ultimate Pink 08
- Catrice Don't Feed The Birds 010

I started with a base of Catrice Cotton Candy At Eiffel Tower,
that is a soft nude color, perfect for french manicure.
Kiko 203 has a special brush for making a french manicured nailart.
With Catrice Don't Feed The Birds (yellow) I made a few dots on the white area.
After a little time waiting I made lines around the yellow dots with
Essence Ultimate Pink.

I think you already noticed that I failed my forefinger =(
I'm sorry for that

Good Luck

Jan 1, 2012


Dear Bloggers,


I'm so sorry for not updating my blog.
My reason is the my notebook is crashed.
Now it's just a piece of damage.
Soon I will buy a new notebook so I can blog again.
At the moment I borrow a notebook from my oncle but this is just for a short time.
I hope you all can forgive me and I try to blog as soon as possible!

Blog to you soon!