Jan 6, 2012

Show your tips!

Hi everybody, here I'm again
It's time to blog!
I recently had a nice french manicure.
I'm following the blog Super Cute Super Easy
and she inspired me at the nailart.
Thanks for the inspiration ♥

What I've used:
- Catrice Cotton Candy At Eiffel Tower 020
- Kiko 203 (white)
- Essence Ultimate Pink 08
- Catrice Don't Feed The Birds 010

I started with a base of Catrice Cotton Candy At Eiffel Tower,
that is a soft nude color, perfect for french manicure.
Kiko 203 has a special brush for making a french manicured nailart.
With Catrice Don't Feed The Birds (yellow) I made a few dots on the white area.
After a little time waiting I made lines around the yellow dots with
Essence Ultimate Pink.

I think you already noticed that I failed my forefinger =(
I'm sorry for that

Good Luck