Feb 27, 2012

After Eight

I watched my box with bottle of polish,
and found out that I didn't had any dark green nailpolish.
That was something I had to change!
I went to my favourite shop where I buy my nailpolish (Kruidvat)
I searched and found this amazing colour!

Catrice - After Eight 600

I love the colour, it's so mysterious.
I can't figure out if it's green, blue of both.

At the first layer it's didn't cover very well.
But after three layers it covers very well.
I also applyed a top coat for the shining effect.

that day I also bought my favourite mascara!
L'Oreal Million Lash Effect (waterproof).
This mascara is really wonderful.
Your lashes really do looklike there are million of them!
I needed also a new foundation, I bought Bourjois paris Flower Perfection.
This is a must!

Good Luck!

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Feb 24, 2012


Hi sweet followers!
I'm sorry I didn't post a blog the last few days.
In the south of Holland we celebrate carnaval!
and guess... I live in the south!
Carnaval 2012 was amazing!

My outfit for carnaval was completed with
no nailpolish!
I think it's weird enough, don't ya?
But because I have a one week during holiday I have enough time left.
Enough for polish my nails, buy nailpolish and other make-up

for this nailart I've used:
- Catrice Berlin Big City Life
- Essence Enchanted Fairy 36

My best friend thought they were little kissing lips ^^
But I imagine it's leopard print!
You can imagine what you want!

Good Luck!

Feb 9, 2012

Polka Dots

I'm inspired by lots of people for this mani.
but every time I watch this mani on my nails
I fall in love over and over again!

For this mani I've used:
- Catrice Cotton Candy at Eiffel Tower 020
- Catrice Berlin Big City Life
- Kiko 203 (white)

Ring: Zinzi

This nailart is almost the same as normal french manicure,
but you have to do polish your nails till the middle
so you have more space for the dots!

Good Luck!

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Feb 1, 2012

Gray an Glam, let Kiko do the work!

My following nail art isn't very complicated
I've only used my gray nailpolish from Kiko, no.328
And for the tips I putted a pencil into a bit of glitter.
Kiko 328

Good Luck