Dec 29, 2012

Flames On Your Nail!

I found a really nice tutorial on Youtube (click here)
which I wanted to create myself
So I did and made a I also made a photo tutorial

I've used:
Catrice - Genius In The Bottle 840
Essence - True Love 03
Hema - 809 (white)
Catrice - Quick Dry & High Shine Top Coat

Good Luck

Dec 24, 2012


For this nail design 
I was inspired by instagram again.
You really have to follow Wah! nails on instagram!
It's a galaxy nail art which is really cool
this time I don't have a tuturial 
because I wasn't familiar with this nail art

I've used:
- Essence - Hard to Resist 76
- Kiko 385 (bright blue)
- Hema 809 (white)
- NYC -Platinum Card 150
- Kiko Holographic 401
- Catrice - Quick Dry & High Shine Top Coat

Start with a base color, I've used Essence - Hard to Resist. 
Use a make-up sponge to pat the nail polish softly on your nail
Repeat this until you have the pattern you like
Use a dotter to make the "stars"
And finish with a top coat!

Good Luck

Dec 19, 2012

Fashion Update: Ombré

I noticed that there is a new fashion trend: Ombré.Including dip dye and ombré nail art.
I really like this fashion trend, I think it is creative and different.I especially like ombré with white and blue or pink.It looks fresh and cute. I really want the jeans which I posted!
What do you think about this fashion trend? Do you like it or not?

Dec 13, 2012

Half Moons and Triangles

I'm totally into making tutorials
I made a new one 
and a new nail art design I never did before
It contains half moons and triangles
I made them both before but I never did them together

I've used:
Rimmel London - Aye, Aye Sailor 850
Catrice - Goldfinger 650

Watch the tutorial to find out how to make this nail art!

Good Luck

Dec 7, 2012

My First Tutorial

This weekend I made my first nail art tutorial!
I placed it on YouTube, I'm very proud of it though it isn't a very good one.
I will make a new tutorial with my next nail art

On these photo's you can see the result better.

I've used:
- Brown/Bronze pigments
- Kiko 289 (pink)
- Essence - Make A Wish topcoat

How to make this nail art?
Watch my tutorial!

Good Luck