Feb 27, 2012

After Eight

I watched my box with bottle of polish,
and found out that I didn't had any dark green nailpolish.
That was something I had to change!
I went to my favourite shop where I buy my nailpolish (Kruidvat)
I searched and found this amazing colour!

Catrice - After Eight 600

I love the colour, it's so mysterious.
I can't figure out if it's green, blue of both.

At the first layer it's didn't cover very well.
But after three layers it covers very well.
I also applyed a top coat for the shining effect.

that day I also bought my favourite mascara!
L'Oreal Million Lash Effect (waterproof).
This mascara is really wonderful.
Your lashes really do looklike there are million of them!
I needed also a new foundation, I bought Bourjois paris Flower Perfection.
This is a must!

Good Luck!

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