Jul 7, 2012


Hi Bloggers!
I'm enjoying my life at the moment
I have vacation, spend time with my friends, enjoying the sun 
and of course polishing my nails
Finally the sun is shining in the Netherlands
It took a long time but eventually the sun has appeared!
and when you think of the sun, you think of yellow and bright colours
But unfortunately I didn't have any yellow nail polish :(
So when I went shopping with my mother and sisters two days ago
I bought a yellow nail polish
I bought it at the Ici Paris
It's from a new brand, I never heard of
ONLY YOU - Banana Split 113

with matt coat
This polish covers after two layers and the brush is good
I'm really happy with the results 
This colour makes my hands look tanner and my nails look longer 
On the second photo I've used the Hema - Top coat matt
but unfortunately you can't see it very good

When I went shopping I also bought a new short
which I wanted to show you

 I bought it at the H&M for only €10,- 

I hope you enjoyed this post

Good Luck