Oct 24, 2011

It's Rambo no. 5

I love my new colour nailpolish from Catrice! It's a very trendy colour. You just have to love it.
 It's called: It's Rambo no. 5. very nice nailpolish to use and is also long lasting. I wanted to add some green in my nailpolish colletion and this is the perfect colour for this winter. I don't have to say a lot about this one so I keep it short.

Something else is happening right now! It's finally holiday :-) it's gonna be a great time, with lots of shopping, working, polishing, sleeping and ofcourse no homework! On thursday my sisters my mother and I go to shop in Rotterdam, I'm so excited. I want to buy new boots and a bag. 
If you have some suggestions, they are welcome!!!
Today I went to the Ikea for some stuff to put in my room. I created a new theme: New York!
I love New York, by biggest dream is to go over there!

Bye Bye