Nov 14, 2012

Blue and Pearls

I haven´t post in a while
that´s because my computer have had a virus :(
but now I have my computer back, so I can post again!
In the maentime I did lacquer my nails
I thought it was time to use my birthday presents
I've used the pearls I've got from my sister 
and the stripers I've got from my friends

I've used:
- Catrice - Cotton Candy at The Eiffel Tower 020
-   Kiss - SPA29 Pearl Blue
- Pearls
- Catrice - Quick Dry & High Shine top coat

I started with the nude colour for an equal base
next I made a V with tape
To put the pearl on my nails I dripped a drop of top coat
and putted the pearl into it
To make sure the pearl lasts longer
you have to finish it with a lot of top coat
My pearls lasted for one week!

Good Luck!

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