Oct 14, 2012

I love Rome

It is a long time ago that I have blogged something
Almost a month ago!
But I have some good reasons 
because I went to Rome with my school
and wow! Rome is such a beautiful city
I already loved Italy but after I had seen Rome 
I loved it even more! 
And of course I visited the Kiko
I bought a holographic lacquer which is my first holographic lacquer

Because I visited lots of churches in Rome
I thought it would be nice if I lacquered a cross on my nails

I've used:
- Kiko holographic (blue)
- Kiko 275 (black)

I also bought a ring which I always wanted!
It is a feather but you have to wear it on two fingers 
and i bought it at the Coin (great shop!)

Good Luck