Aug 5, 2012

Viva Hollandia

yup, I'm back in the Netherlands
I had a great holiday in Bella Italia!
Besides enjoying my time on the camp side
I also went shopping in Milan and Varese
For shopping I prefer Varese, it is a beautiful city
where you definitely should go once
I bought a lot of stuff and of course I went to the Kiko shop!
I took some pictures of my stuff and I really want to share them with you
J.Lo bag

Heels from the Conté

Lovely hat from the market

                                                                           Red sunglasses which I always wanted

Neon Green watch

         Kiko 289                              Kiko 385                        Kiko 358                          Kiko 238 

     When I came home I found out that Kiko 358 looks a lot like
Pimp My Shrimp 820 from Catrice
but I don't bother because I really love the Kiko nailpolishes 
They cover very smooth and last long

I'm glad to be back on my blog and I hope you enjoyed this post

Good Luck

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  1. ahh pretty pictures:) varese , me liiiike xxxDimphy