Nov 6, 2011

Oh damn! it's nice

Something new, something trendy, something very nice!
I've made a new nail art and I'm very happy with it :-)

 now you can love it too! The first picture shows the whole nail art the second picture I've taken because of the shining gold. It's very simple to make
I've used:
- Hema Diamond 11 (gold)
- Essence Fateful Desire 60 (red)
- Essence Hard to Resist 76 (blue)
You first make a base, any colour you want. Second step is maken a cross over the whole nail, start with the vertical stripe in the middle and end with the horizontal stripe a little bit und the middle. The third step is making a second cross but a little bit under an more left or right from the first cross.
It's a piece of cake! 

Good Luck


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