Nov 30, 2011

Nude and Black

Dear bloggers,
on my last post I´ve got very nice comments! The comments motivate me to keep on going writing. So thank you very much.
I´m actually in love with my current nail art, it´s very classy i think

For this nail art I´ve used
- Catrice Cotton Candy At Eiffel Tower 020
- Kiko 275 (black) 

I've chosen this colour of base because I wanted to create a lace effect.  
Actually I failed in that but the result isn't bad at all I think.
The flowers or whatever you see in it, I've made with a needle. Drop 2 drops of black nailpolish on a little paper and put the needle in it, that's the best way.
I hope you enjoyed it and comments are always welcome!

Good Luck


  1. Very special ! Amazing !!! Kisses !!!