Sep 18, 2011

Rock it!

I finally have the Crack nailpolish from Essence! I'm very happy to have it! 
Here is the result of my nailart:

Nailpolish I've used:
- Catrice Be My Millionaire 300
- Essence Nail Art Cracking Top Coat 01 Crack me! Black
- Essence Ultimate Pink 08

I wanted to do something different that all your nails one colour so I made one nail pink. The silver nailpolish by Catrice borrowed I from my sister.

Before this nail art I did the crack nailpolish with a grey base (Kiko 328) but it didn't work out like  I wanted so I tried somethingelse. 
I also bought a new nailpolish remover. In the beginning I thought it was very usefull. But after a few times using it, it became ugly, the brush kept all the nail polish I wanted to remove. Now the brush has the colour of the removed nail polish.

I hope you like this nailart

Good Luck

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