Sep 8, 2011

I'm back

Sorry but school started last week and I didn't had the time for writing my blog :-(

Last week I did my first french manicure ever!
I never did it before because I thought it was to difficult and ugly on my nails.
But I wanted to try it once and this is the result:

Catrice Cotton Candy At Eiffel Tower 020
- Kiko 203  (tip painter white) 

I started with Catrice Cotton Candy At Eiffel Tower, I did that two times for better coverage, than I tipped my tops with the tip painter, the brush of  the tip painter is very small so it's easy to use.

It's very simple but very cute on your nails!

Good Luck 

1 comment:

  1. I loove french manicure! You should try it more often! Looks great on your nails! I think it's the most feminine manicure ever!:)

    Good luck!